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"A dog to hunt upland game, a dog to kiss my wee children, a dog for a fireside companion, and a dog to brag about in the carriage house on Sunday morn." -- The Duke of Gordon

Responsible breeders - They protect, preserve and better the breed. Be a responsible dog owner. Choose wisely.

I am a preservation breeder of a heritage breed, the Gordon Setter. I run a small breeding program based in rural Chester County in the Philadelphia suburbs of southeastern Pennsylvania. I strive to produce happy, healthy, beautiful Gordon Setters who make wonderful family companions and can participate in whatever activities their owners choose; show, obedience, agility, hunting or joining the family on the sofa watching a movie!

All breeding stock has health clearances - Hips and elbows are scored after their 2nd birthday, cardio exam sometime after they are 6 months, eyes are examined annually. DNA testing is done for PRA rcd4 (a late onset eye disease) as well as cerebellar degeneration. And a DNA sample is stored for future health testing as new tests are made available.

I hope you enjoy my website!

Colleen O’Brien

member Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc. (AKC Licensed Club)
member Bryn Mawr Kennel Club (AKC Member Club)
AKC Breeder of Merit

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