Ch Fair Isle Shadow In The Nite JH

[Sire: Am/Can Ch Bonnybanks Dreamboat Ahoy x Dam: Alilou’s Fair Isle Souvenir]
Whelped: December 14, 1995
Breeders: Colleen O'Brien & Judy Pforr
Owners: Shaundra Pforr-Schultz*

Miles was originally owned by Gary Kohler of Mineola, NY. Gary's unexpected death left his widow with two young daughters as well as Miles and the family Golden Retriever. Miles had been very much Gary's dog and to help Diane, Miles came back to me. It was Gary's dream that his boy become a Champion, so Miles became a show dog and all of the ribbons and prizes he won were sent to Gary's daughter's - Dorie & Mel - so they knew their Dad's "son" was keeping the dream alive. Miles also was a wonderful hunting dog, so he competed in Hunting Tests as well earning his Junior Hunter title easily.

Not long after completing his titles, it became clear that Miles would not be going back to the Kohler family. It seemed like it was meant to be ... shortly after Diane's decision to leave Miles with me, his co-breeder, Judy Pforr got a call from her niece Shaundra that she had suddenly lost her Gordon (and Miles uncle) Bruin. Shaundra flew out to Long Island, met Miles and took him back home to Colorado. Miles lived a wonderful life with Shaundra, watched her marry and have a beautiful daugher, Hannah before he left us to join his "dad" Gary over the Rainbow Bridge.