The No Litter

Am & Aust GCh Triseter Ebonie Zeus x Fair Isle Sweet Spot
Breeder: Colleen O'Brien
Whelped: March 13, 2012

This breeding was long anticipated but not easily achieved, so their arrival was very exciting. This proved to be the most difficult litter I've ever had with several missteps in getting Clare in whelp and when we were finally successful, she required a c-section and although I won't ever know if that was the cause, but Clare was not the best mother and I weaned the puppies early and raised them myself. These babies were truly special to me and I have been thrilled with how they have matured and what sweet and biddable dogs they are. 

Fair Isle No Bugs On Me - Hamish
Fair Isle No Question - Duncan
Ch. Fair Isle No Worries, J.H. - Ida
Am. & Can. Ch. Fair Isle Kericreek Has No Comment - Lark
Fair Isle No It All - Lily

Aust Ch Tahtan Blac Magic

Aust GCh Tahtan Black Agnes

Aust Ch Triseter Ebonie Dude

Aust Ch Rokeena Black Thor

Triseter Black Witch

Triseter Ebonie Kirrie

Aust/NZ Ch Triseter Ebonie Innika

Aust Ch Latchmere Navajo Joe

Am/Aust Ch Rockaplentys Quest for Roses

Aust Ch Triseter Black Miranda

Aust Ch Kqrac Kirrie Krista

Aust Ch Glade Famos Warrior

Triseter Black Kirsty

Ch Black Anvil Out N About CD JH