The Word Litter (and the word is Love)

GChS. Hollyhunt Not By Chance x GCh. Fair Isle No Worries, J.H. 

Breeders: Colleen O'Brien & Gordon Chambers

Whelped January 26, 2018

7 boys, 1 girl

Fair Isle All My Loving - Macca

Fair Isle All You Need Is Love - Piper

Fair Isle And I Love Her - Martha

Fair Isle Can't Buy Me Love - Quid

Fair Isle Love Me Do - Dewey

Fair Isle PS I Love You - Leo

Fair Isle Real Love - Conan

Fair Isle Soldier Of Love - Gus


Only once before had I repeated a breeding and that was the repeat of the very first litter I was co-breeder of (Jeb x Heather). At the time I felt that the breeding was very successful and why not do it again? This time took a little more convincing but in the end, we did love the first puppies from Gavin & Ida, and since there were only 5 of them and just one girl, why not try for more. The first litter were beautiful and had outstanding temperaments. We got nothing but great feedback from all of their owners. 

So here they are ... Gavin & Ida Round 2 and they seem as beautiful and sweet as the first group! We decided that we loved the first litter so much that this litter's them would use the word love in the titles of songs by my favorite British band, The Beatles!